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            1늴yܛźϽ 7FߜغϽ
            Soft magnetic alloy for magnetic valve Iron-base superalloy
            2ԪϽ 8ӲP
            Alloy for elastic component PH stainless steel
            3ÛϽ 9ɸߏȲP
            Low expansion alloy Spring high strength stainless steel
            4ÛϽ 10gϽ
            Controlled expansion coefficient alloy Corrosion resisting alloy
            5늟Ͻ 11p಻P
            High-resistance electrothermic alloy Two phase stainless steel
            6懻ߜغϽ 12WϲP
            Nickel-base superalloy Austenitic stainless steel
            Ni-TiΠϽ(Ni-Ti SMA materials)

            Ni-TiԽz(Ni-Tisurper-elastic wires)
            ƄԒ쾀ýz(Antenna for mobile telephone)0.7m/m~1.2m/m
            Rýz(Spectacle frame)1.00mm~1.50mm
            ؽz(Brassieres)(Ԝغtem.for super-elasticity20)
            Xz(Tooth orthopedics)0.36mm~0.41mm 0.410.41 0.410.46

            ΠӛϽaƷ(SMA products)
            yÜؿӻ(Tem.controlling spring)ض(tem.)60~68
            şyÜؿӻ(Tem.controlling spring)ض(tem.)200~300
            ؿԪ(One-way tem.control)Af70
            pؿԪ(Two-way tem.control)Af70
            Ni-TiΠӛϽt(Ni-Ti SMA medical components):
            󡡹۾o(Fixator fracture),׃Μض(deformation tem.)0~10,Π؏͜ض(recovery tem.)37
            󡡸NǻU֧(Intra-cavity net-like expanding cradles)
            tÌܽz(Catheter guide-wires)

            NΠӛϽ(Other kind of SMA)
            FeΠӛϽƷ(Fa based SMA and products)
            CuΠӛϽƷ(Cu-based SMA and products)

            aƷ(Other products)
            "NPG"TϽ("NPG"dental casting alloy)
            "TITANIUM"TϽ("TITANIUM"dental casting alloy)
            "317L"TϽ("317L"dental stainless steel)
            NٲϼƷ(Other metal materials and products)
            ÑҪӹNӛϽ(SMA devices can be processed at request)