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            Production and marketing of guide pin and down-lead(pin cord) for electronic component
            1Ow Diode lead 2ʽ Beam lead
            3ʯӢʎ Quartz oscilator lead 4늸 Inductance lead
            5LED LED lead 6a܌ Nixietube guide pin
            7ӹ Manufacture of all kinds of electronic lead-out wire
            Production and marketing of metallic material for electronic component
            1o~ Oxygen-free copper wire 2yϽ~ Argentiferous alloy copper wire
            3F Iron wire 4FϽ Ferroally wire
            5~ Bronze wire 6~ Phosphor bronze wire
            7~䓾 Copper clad steel wire 8z Dumet wire
            ײ֮僾 And all kinds of galvanized wire
            1y Silver jacketed wire 2a Tinned wire
            3aU Tinned lead wire 4懾 Nickel-coated wire
            Processing standard ofr heading,cuting,curving of electr onic component lead
            10.2m/m-1.6m/m Diameter 2^0.40m/m-6.0m/m With
            3Lȣ2m/m-80m/m Length
            Degree of curvature
            Degree of curvature should be less thean 10mm when 1000mm wire naturally hanging down and no inflection point on the wire